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  • Baharak Beizaei

Variations on Celan

Updated: Nov 3, 2023



from behind the pained

violence nearing the celest-

ial grazing of past-

oral thresholds cavorting below the

distinction of lines of flight,

into the

clasped evening,

staying in excess of spectral ribcage

of two

breathfuls of fuming clouds,

unearthed in the book,

sleep-alarm of the glowing

something become true,

twelve times over,

ardour of welcomed dream-arrows

the languor —

greedily drinking

the black ruddy semen

of all that is less than

it, is all

that is “myrrh.”


as though in pain:

the forces, in the way of

antediluvian scales

shovel the meaninglessness

in the line of sight and arrival,

in the

dawn of evening

still the spectreful lungs


branches of cloud full-chock

air buried in Book

hits the pressure in the head,

true becomes something

twelve times glowing

what meets above the arrows

the darken-

ed ruddy inebriated

seeds of black bloody

everything less, than

what is,

more than everything.


shrouded under the gathering incision

which is of violence in a manner

counter-celestial, staggered

cataclysmic meandering to

the approach path and arriving,


the coming evening

distills the full ribcage sketch,


the burning breath clouding

the garb of the book

that sets the searing pain

free to become

a forthright over

the greeted arrows of heavens,


vermillion thirst

of melancholy blossoming seeds,

of everything less than what

it is,

to everything no less.


enter from behind to ambush:

the roaring force of counter-

heavenly strife,

convulsing meaninglessly

the arrival paths and flying


coming evening’s

shady sketch still fuller


breath-turns of charcoal clouds

buried in the book

that is the migraine of onsets,

when it comes

glowing true twelve

times the greeting from above

the blackened-

bloody drunken

seeds of the black blossoms,

of all that is less, than

what is,

everything and more.


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